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Chimney Chase Covers
Don't Let Chimney Rust Ruin Your Dream Home! 

Does your chimney have rust on the exterior, or do you have water entering your home near your fireplace?  We can help!

Some fireplace chimneys have a metal covering called a chase cover, or chase top, that is designed to prevent water from entering the inside of the chimney.  This chimney chase cover is typically made of less expensive galvanized sheet metal. 

Unfortunately, rust on a chimney's exterior is more than just a cosmetic problem; it could be a sign of much more serious issues.  Heat from the fireplace and various environmental conditions contribute to the breakdown of the galvanized coating on chase covers until the metal is completely unprotected and begins to rust.  The rust continues to deteriorate the chase cover allowing water from rain and melting snow into your home causing interior damage.  Stainless Steel Chimney Chase Cover Galvanized Chimney Chase Cover

To help you combat this problem, Chase Toppers™ will replace your chase cover with a custom-built stainless steel cover.  Our covers have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against rust, corrosion and defects, and our TEN YEAR Installation Guarantee is the best in the industry!  

We are fully insured, and will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE at your convenience.

Masonry Crown Cover Solution


Chase Toppers also provides a full line of services like chimney cleaning, chimney caps, chimney repair, and stucco waterproofing!   To learn more or to schedule an appointment, click here to email or call our Customer Service Team at 610-323-2705!

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