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Providing a full line of chimney services like chimney cleaning, chimney caps, chimney repair, and stucco waterproofing!


Chase Toppers is doing our part in helping to sustain our environment.  Here are some things we focus on:

Our Services

  • We recycle every existing chimney cap and chase cover that we remove from our customers' homes.
  • We recycle all packaging materials used for transporting our products.
  • Installing only Lifetime Guaranteed stainless steel and copper chase covers and chimney caps means a one-time solution to our customers, and less waste in landfills.

    Our Business Operations

  • In our offices, we make smart choices for the everyday needs of our business operations, from 100% recycled copy/printer paper and sticky notes, to notebooks made from sustainable sugar cane paper which is made from unused sugar cane residue. Using the otherwise discarded remnants of the sugar cane to produce paper products makes good sense and helps to save some trees along the way.
  • We use energy star and energy efficient appliances and office equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  • We are in the research phase of employing solar-electric solutions for our offices to further reduce our dependence on traditional coal-base electricity production.

    Our Technical Operations

  • We are intentional about consolidating our visits to customers located in the same geographical area. Not only does this save fuel costs and consumption, but it reduces carbon emissions by spending less time on the roads.
  • The webservers that host our websites are run completely by energy produced by wind power!  How cool is that?

    The Bottom Line

    These measures may cost us a little more, but the benefits to our environment are worth it. Just like our company philosophy, making smart choices about how we operate our business is simply, just the right thing to do.

    Environmental Sustainability

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